It’s one thing to use social media platforms as a user, but it’s another thing when utilizing it in a business-sense.


With long terms, conditions and rules, it’s very easily to completely overlook the details. However, on the same note it’s just as easy to fall into trouble. Here are three platforms with rules you may not have known about.



  1. Don’t use Facebook in a way that implies partnership, sponsorship or endorsement. This relates specifically to promotions.
  2. Offers must be for the merchant or manufacturer of products or service that you are promoting.
  3. Facebook’s Offer tool must be used for offer purposes only! This means no page promotion, and it cannot be for a gift card, gift certificate or store value card.



  1. You cannot alter the twitter logo in anyway.
  2. When running contests, discourage multiple accounts
  3. Also discourage multiple of the same or similar tweets in contests.
    This is because it may become difficult to find the tweet, and duplicates or near duplicates may be filtered out of twitter’s search.



  1. Use logos provided by Instagram. Avoid trademarks, names, domain names, logos or other content that could be confused with Instagram.
  2. “Don’t use the Instagram brand in a way that implies partnership, sponsorship or endorsement. This includes combining any part of the Instagram brand with a company name, marks or with other generic terms, as well as making Instagram the most distinctive or prominent feature of your design.” Via Instagram Identity Guide
  3. Do not combine “insta” or “gram” with your own brand or use a hashtag combining “insta” or “gram” with a descriptive word on other social media networks.



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