I will be the first to admit that I judged online editor tools real fast, and real hard. The idea of something available for free being a legitimate tool was a bit on the outrageous side. My understanding of online editor tools is based off the early 2000’s when preteens were just beginning to experiment with filters and would go to town on the saturation and contrast…I may or may not have been guilty of that “photoshop” trend.

Pushing aside my prejudice and shame, I decided to give online editing tools another try. Below is what resulted of that:



To edit the original scenery to the new version I tested out a couple of different adjustments. To change the photo, I applied:

  • Color Balance
  • Brightness and contrast
  •  Engrave
  • Text in “Times”


With the changes to this particular photo, I wanted to try something dramatic. To achieve this look the adjustments I applied are:

  • Colour:
  • Cross Process 2 Effect
  • Light Leaks Effect
  • Text in “Baskerville Old Face”


My goal with the changes to this photo, was to enhance the sun behind the flowers. To enhance the golden tone of this image these were the adjustments I applied:

  • Yellowish Effect
  • Shadows
  •  Highlights
  • Text in “Garogier”


Not only are there online photo editors, but I was surprised by the existence of mobile photo editors. This was intriguing, simply because of the concept of having some intricate edits available at the hand of my cellphone. With this image, I was mostly pleased with it’s overall appearance. My overall goal with the edits were to enhance it in a slight but meaningful way. To change the photo, I applied:

  • Colour:
  • Light:
  • Chill Filter
  • Text in “Miumu”

Ultimately, the conclusion that I’ve drawn from this experiment, is that there is a place in the world for online photo editors, and they can and are indeed respectable tools for photo editing.

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