Although there are different models of business, these very different models ultimately share the same basic framework of Connection, Engagement, Courage to Act, and Action. Even though they share the basic frame, there are still some fundamental differences between all three models of Private, Public and Non-profit organizations.

Target Audiences are one of the areas where the differences in the models can be observed:

Private Audience:

  • Customers and Visitors
  • general public
  • brand evangelists

Public Audience:

  • Public
  • Citizens

Non-profit Audience:

  • Stakeholders
  • Donors
  • Beneficiaries/Target of cause
  • Network-weavers
  • Supporters
  • Specific communities

Not only are these different models targeting different groups, but the major differences in these models are primarily found in each of their individual motivations, and surrounding regulations. These motivations, and external factors can influence their strategy development. Following are some specific ways, each business model’s strategy differs.

Social Web strategies:

Private: The main motivation is to move potential customers through the Social web continuum to result in an action of purchase. The overall objective of the implemented strategies is to make a profit.

Public: Driving this type of organization’s strategies are their mandate, and service to the public. In the creation of their strategies, there is a strong consideration of the legalities and ethics of privately held media outlets, and in this case, social media outlets.

Non-Profit: Sharing some similarities with the public model, such as the mandate driven strategy-development, they do however differ their strategy development around network-weavers. Because community-development around their cause is a large factor in the organization’s future, there is a need for their strategies to included an element of supporter succession. This succession can create a network ladder, where the interconnections can lead to “networked fundraising”.

To summarize all these differences, here is an infographic to illustrate:

Social Web Strategies Infographic
Infographic vector designed by Freepik

What other key differences have you noticed between these models?

Written by: Kathryn Lee

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  1. Great job on the infographic Kat! I found it very easy to navigate and differentiate between each of the sectors, target markets and social media strategies. I also like how your strategy sections were very focused and utilized brief but strong reasoning for the differentiation.

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