Social Media and Tim Horton’s are not necessarily two concepts you would smash together.

Tim Horton’s being both the beloved and hated coffee chain of Canadians, has the potential of tipping the scales so that it leans closer towards loved. With the undeniable truth that social media is presence that cannot be ignored, there are way that a brand can choose to represent it’s self to build engagement and connections. Here are some of the ways “Timmie’s” can leverage their accounts better:


Tim Horton’s is currently doing a great job at having a presence on Facebook, especially at being top tier in Canada. To maintain their place it would involve continuing to create rich media to place on their Facebook feed. This specifically means adding short video content that relates back to their brand and values.


Majority of the time, especially in relation to their competition. To build their brand awareness, there is an opportunity for Tim’s to utilize what is happening with their competition to leverage a brand value. The images above, showcases the media attention and backlash of Starbuck’s red cups. It also shows how an influencer used the attention on Starbuck’s to create an alignment with Tim’s, which creates a moment of Canadian pride.


Generally speaking, the instagram posts that resonated strongly with their fans were the images that shared a strong relationship to the Canadian Identity. These images were the ones that contrasted Canadian landscapes with the Tim Horton’s brand. It showcased what Canadian’s identify as, as well as the values they pride themselves in.


To build their Youtube engagement, Tim’s could attempt creating content specific videos for their channel. It would help to diversify their content and it may resonate better with their audiences.


Overall, what gives Tim Horton’s it’s strength is it’s relationship and roots with Canadians. It has positioned itself as a business that is proud of it’s Canadian roots, and chooses to make itself distinctly Canadian amongst the rest of it’s competitors. Using this a guiding objective, this will create a strong voice among all of it’s content platforms.

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